Welcome - I'm Federico Perini, and this is my personal website.

I’m an advanced combustion consultant, model developer, and combustion simulation code architect at Wisconsin Engine Research Consultants. I’m interested in all ways computers can help drive the clean energy revolution via high fidelity simulations, and I’m working hard to make that happen.
Engines and computers are my two passions, turned into a job. During the day, I’m developing professionally coded, reliable combustion models, developed side-by-side with US Universities and National labs; and the consultancy engine companies need to improve their engines’ performance and sustainability. During the night, I’m developing FRESCO, the next-generation code for combustion CFD, which will speed up combustion development for the 21st century energy transition.

I'm an alum of the Engine Research Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison, where I've worked in Rolf Reitz's group studying computational models of advanced, fuel-efficient combustion modes in internal combustion engines, and algorithms for combustion numerics. All of my research interests have always focused on numerical combustion, and especially on the development of models, algorithms and techniques for improving the computational accuracy and efficiency of computer simulations involving chemically reacting flows. The aim is to allow more comprehensive models to be incorporated in simulations of practical combustion systems of industrial interest, such as (but not limited to) internal combustion engines.

The SpeedCHEM library is the modern Fortran code I have been developing since 2010 to perform chemical kinetic calculations. It has been my first complete code project as a scientific programmer. It is able to speed-up chemical kinetics calculations by up to three orders of magnitude in comparison to earlier, reference chemistry codes, and it can be easily coupled to parallel multidimensional combustion codes. The code can be downloaded from the appropriate webpage. I would appreciate any feedback or chance to collaborate!

Under Research, I've put all of the pieces of information about my work, including my Resume and list of scientific publications. I am planning to share more codes I have made, so stay tuned.

My greatest hobby apart from computers is, of course, the Piano. In the good old times, before deciding to try Engineering, it used to be my mainstream occupation. Maybe when I have a house I'll be able to have a Grand?


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